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Daniel Park Lookism is one of the best Lookism Characters.

Get to know more about Daniel Park from Lookism Manhwa, and Follow his adventure by reading Lookism Manhwa.

Who is Daniel Park Lookism ?

The main protagonist character in Lookism is Daniel Park (Park Hyung-Seok). He attends J High School and is a fashion design student. He possesses a one-of-a-kind capacity to shift his mind between two wholly distinct bodies at command.

Daniel grew raised with his mother as his only caregiver. They live in poverty and struggle to make ends meet because they are impoverished. Daniel is despised by many due to his unsightly appearance, in addition to his bad living situations. As a result, he became a victim of bullying at school (mostly by Logan).

Daniel Park Lookism

All you need to know about Daniel Park Lookism

Before Changing Schools

Logan Lee used to be a bully to Daniel Park. After seeing his mother’s bullying, he decided to change schools in order to avoid Logan. In his former body, he relocated to a new residence and got into a fight with Zack Lee. He wept himself to sleep, but when he awoke, he discovered he had a new physique that was both attractive and powerful.

New School

Daniel chose to attend school in his new body while working at a convenience shop in his old. He rapidly became popular because of his good looks, and lads were envious of him. In a fight, he defeated both Zack and Vasco and made foes with the Burn Knuckles until Vasco changed his mind. Zack used to bully him, too, until he found out about Daniel’s problems. He made friends with Zoe, Jiho, Duke, and Jay, who became his best buddy, throughout his time at school.

There was a transfer student called Crystal Choi who many people believed was ugly a few months into school. Daniel was smitten by her, and she was smitten by his physical appearance. Neither of them, however, was aware that they shared two bodies. Crystal and Daniel loathed each other when they met for the second time because they each believed the other was arrogant. Before Daniel adopted Enu and gave her puppies to Jay, they took turns caring for the lost dog Enu.


When DG heard about Daniel from Gun, he got intrigued. He assured Daniel that if he brought the four teams together, he might reveal the mystery of his corpses. Daniel met Johan Seong, the God Dogs’ leader, and the two became friends. When Jiho was duped by the God Dogs, Daniel volunteered to assist him to recover his funds. He even assisted Jiho in escaping James Gong, but Jiho grew enraged and shoved the two of them out of a window, causing Daniel’s second body to fall into a coma.

He went across Crystal’s father while attempting to acquire his secret, who told him that he needed to exceed DG in order to learn his secret. Logan Lee had also started tormenting Daniel in his former body, making him woo Zoe for him. Daniel grew overwhelmed and decided to flee the country and live on the streets for a while. When he returned, he discovered Logan was sexually harassing Zoe. He was able to reclaim his second body after fighting Logan in his former body.

Daniel went back to school and ran into Johan, who offered him a job with the God Dogs. He refused, promising to wipe out all four groups. He grew interested in Hostel after learning that they were selling obscene things utilizing photographs of ladies. He entered Hostel and was able to save a few young women from prostitution schemes. While Jace and Johan were battling Hostel, Daniel and his pals traveled to Cheongliang, where they caught up with members of Vin’s former gang who were seeking vengeance.

When Daniel realized that Jasmine had gone away again, he returned to school. He tracked her down after Zack informed him he couldn’t take her home with him. Daniel believed Zack was being unreasonable when he refused to tell him why and started to attack him.

What happened to Daniel Park in Lookism?

His attractive body gives him a mischievous smile as he asks for them to return. Daniel awakens to discover that he is not in his second body and that he has been dreaming. Daniel’s body is discovered unconscious at a hospital, and the cops are stumped as to who he is.

What happened to Daniel Park in Lookism?

Zoe Park is a model and actress. She began flirting with Daniel as soon as he transferred to Jae Won. She was, in fact, the very first female to flirt with him.

Does Daniel change in Lookism?

Daniel is notably taller and leaner, measuring somewhat taller than Zoe in height and not wearing his spectacles, after his battle with Logan Lee and the event involving the homeless guy, which damaged his glasses.

Who know that Daniel has two bodies?

Crystal observes CCTV footage Kouji stole from the convenience store and discovers Duke took the place of Daniel’s original body to cover for him. She suspects Daniel of having two bodies. She tries to catch him cheating during the exam but he doesn’t and takes it all in one go. Crystal runs into Enu and then Daniel.

Daniel has two bodies. One is fat and one is skinny.

First Body

In his original body, Daniel is usually seen with glasses and is quite short to the point that in the entire plot, only a few come close to his height – the closest being Duke Pyeon and Crystal Choi’s original body. Daniel is shown to be extremely obese, especially considering his height, which is why many characters refer to him as ‘Pikachu’.

In this body, Daniel is deemed unattractive by most, if not all the people he meets, with the exceptions being Crystal and Zoe. It’s usually in this body that Daniel is exposed to the harsh treatment of society and learns the true colors of people.

Daniel uses this body at night to work part-time at a local mini-mart, which is why he’s usually seen in his work uniform.

After his fight with Logan Lee and the incident involving the homeless man who broke his glasses, however, Daniel is noticeably taller and slimmer measuring up slightly taller than Zoe in height and he is not wearing his glasses.

After the intense dieting and training under Sophia, his physical appearance now is similar to his second body except shorter in stature.

Second Body

In his new body, Daniel no longer wears glasses. He’s tall, possessing the very epitome of a healthy, muscular, and athletic build, and is incredibly handsome – this being his most notable trait, as his presence leaves women infatuated and men intimidated. Daniel’s incredible good looks easily cause many to question whether he is a famous model, idol, or star (which he actually is) going so far as to ask for his autographs and pictures with him, much to his shock.

Even among the most popular of his peers in J High, none have been stated to surpass his good looks, nor retain the center of attention as he does (albeit unintentionally). This has resulted in him being the most popular student in his school. He uses this body to attend school and is usually seen in his school uniform, unless elsewhere.

Does Daniel from Lookism lose weight?

Despite Daniel Lookism exercising every day, he still hasn’t managed to lose weight.

Daniel Park Lookism Personality

Daniel is a very kind and friendly person at heart, preferring to avoid unnecessary conflicts if he can, but will help those in need even in dangerous situations.

Initially, due to being bullied, Daniel would vent his anger at his mom. However, after some time, he realized just how much she sacrificed for his sake. This filled him with deep and immense feelings of self-loathing and regret his actions towards his mother to the point of vowing to be a better person. He often cries whenever he is reminded of how he treated his mother, such as when in his second body, he was asked to act out a certain role as a test to see his acting skills only for Daniel to cry while reading the script as the part was similar to a part of his life he regretted the most. So as to not trouble his mother financially, Daniel is very humble and responsible as he does not bother with materialistic things unless they cut down on his or his mom’s living expenses (e.g. rice cooker) and is willing to work so he can pay his own living expenses.

Daniel is very sympathetic and protective of those mistreated, either because of their lack of strength or because of how unattractive they are, as he can relate to how both feel and is prone to stand up for them. Though it is implied in the Runaway fam arc he is respectful enough to not interfere in other affairs without permission.

Lack of self-confidence is often Daniel’s biggest hindrance slowing his progress on his goal of trying to be a better person. In some cases, it leads to his being perceived as a pushover who is nothing but a coward. Fortunately, Daniel is constantly inspired by those who diligently work towards their goals, such as Euntae and Duke, and is motivated to put more effort into overcoming his struggles to achieve his goals.

Due to his lack of social interaction with people around him prior to having his second body, he can be naive, much like Euntae, and is unsure how to act when placed under peer pressure. Likewise, he is easily deceived by perceived kindness. For example, he once accidentally agreed to become a host in a club and escaped the club while drunk. Moreover, he thought that Yui genuinely liked him for who he is while in his second body, but was shocked when she treated him cruelly while he was in his original body. He also never smoked or intentionally drank before, and didn’t know how to refuse when putting under pressure to do so. However, this tends to create humorous situations and misunderstandings about him.

After temporarily losing his connection with his current body and being helplessly bullied by Logan Daniel regressed back into his old self before moving to Seoul. But after realizing that this world wasn’t fair and how he needs to work harder to overcome that unfairness Daniel gets a way better appreciation for his old body and becomes more confident in it.

Daniel tends to become belligerent and overconfident when drunk. In later arcs, he is seen to also have an aggressive personality when in a tense battle.

DG Lookism

Lookism Characters

DG Lookism is one of the best Lookism Characters.

Get to know more about DG from Lookism Manhwa, and Follow his adventure by reading Lookism Manhwa.

DG (actual name Diego Kang) is a famous Korean star who also serves as the CEO of PTJ Entertainment, an idol training company. He has a tight relationship with Charles Choi. He used to go by the name James Lee, but he gave up that identity after achieving his aim, and Daniel Park’s second body now goes by that name. He is recognized as the first generation’s legend.

DG Lookism

All you need to know about DG Lookism

DG was originally known as James Lee, the Legend of the First Generation, who put a violent end to the first generation by defeating all of his contemporaries quickly and (supposedly) individually. After completing his mission, he vanished, but soon reappeared in Seoul as one of Charles Choi’s ten geniuses, helping to create the four major teams. Because of his exploits and position, he became a target, prompting him to adopt a new persona as DG the pop star. As a result, he altered his name, attitude, and speech pattern as he progressed toward his objective.

After Oliver, DG was sent as a trainee, and his talents and attractiveness rapidly made him famous across the world. DG went on to become a well-known vocalist and the CEO of PTJ Entertainment.

Daniel noticed various indications concerning DG’s prior existence as James Lee when studying his second body. Daniel comes into a file that has information about his second body: it’s named James Lee. The file contains information about James Lee’s residence, including the fact that he lives alone and that his parents live in another country. Except for James Lee’s jacket, he discovers the location on the file to be vacant and abandoned. The garment takes him to a school where James Lee is the recipient of several accolades and prizes. He comes upon a photograph of a market with a family, and an elderly guy explains that a youngster and his father lived there five years ago.

How old is DG Lookism ?

DG Lookism has now 22 years old, he is Over 188cm (6’2″), In the wiki, it’s stated he is 20. In chapter 19 he is stated to be as old as Namsoo. It’s just so much unclarity between it. I’m very certain that his age hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Anyone got some DG theories? How strong do you think he is? Does he have 2 bodies? How does he know Daniel’s secret? Does he know Crystal’s secret?

IMO he has a very menacing presence about him. In the few scenes he is in, he seems very smart and fearless. He also seems very ruthless since he didn’t care about Aru’s situation like everyone else.

  • I think he is stronger than gun/goo. The chairman and crystal have Gun and Goo as bodyguards, but DG is usually alone. So he must have something up his sleeve.
  • I think he does have 2 bodies and he was the first test subject of the chairman. But he got greedy with his body and wants to take over the company. As for his second body, I have no clue, maybe he is related to the H group (Jay’s father’s company).
  • On that note, I think he knows Daniel and Crystal’s secrets because he’s working with the chairman on the 2 body project and perhaps picked Daniel as the next subject.

DG Lookism Personality

DG is calmer and more collected than the majority, if not all, of the characters in Lookism. He prefers to passively study and watch others, but when he speaks, he is aloof and remote, only warming up to select individuals (some examples are the HNH Chairman and his daughter, Crystal). DG is also quite honest, but because he doesn’t speak much, it might be tough to figure out what he’s thinking.

He is well-known for his intelligence and talent. In his old school, which is now closed, a hall of his trophies and accolades was exhibited, demonstrating his competence in many subjects. He has won several honors, including those for painting, poetry, golf, swimming, tennis, and many more.

Using these two martial arts in combination he was able to overwhelm Scott Kwon and Dominic Min, two very skilled fighters in their own right.

Get to Know About Vasco lookism

Jay Lookism

Lookism Characters

Jay Lookism is one of the best Lookism Characters.

Get to know more about Jay from Lookism Manhwa, and Follow his adventure by reading Lookism Manhwa.

Jay Hong is a supporting character in Lookism. He is a student in the fashion department at Jae Won High School.

According to his classmates, Jay is an introverted guy with a fair complexion strong frame, and average height. His long blonde bangs have always masked his eyes, and side characters have even observed that they don’t move while he runs. He is well-known for sporting high-end designer apparel and a slew of Chrome Hearts rings on his fingers. He rides his motorcycle and carries his customized fingerprint backpack to school on a regular basis.

Jay Lookism

All you need to know about Jay Lookism

Jay comes from a very rich family, as shown by his expensive clothing.

He is extremely affluent, as evidenced by the fact that he offers Daniel a lot of his high-end apparel and accessories, as well as the size of his enormous penthouse residence. His butler and others likewise hold him in high regard. Jay is the second son of the H Group Conglomerate and the younger brother of Kitae Hong, the family’s business heir. Jay appears to be in a high-ranking position inside the organization.

Jay is shown to genuinely care for Daniel, spending a significant amount of money to support him and assisting in his protection anytime he is in danger. Though it is not verified, it is clearly indicated that he has affection for Daniel.

His parents are said to have a poor connection with him. Jay’s father chastises him for getting into a fistfight, telling him to “never call me again.” He appears to get along well with his sister, Joy. There haven’t been enough scenes between Jay and Kitae to gauge the strength of their bond. Kitae disapproves of Jay going to a “crappy” Jae Won High School and “dragging” Joy there in one scene they’re in together.

Is Jay mute Lookism?

Jay is a very quiet individual who never says anything to anyone, yet he is revealed to be a powerful fighter with a strong sense of justice.

is Jay Gay ?

The one thing I’ve never been able to figure out is how Jay went Gay for Daniel so early on. When he first transferred, he definitely sought to defend Daniel. Was it only because he’s attractive that it was love at first sight (I hope not)? Or perhaps something a little more in-depth? Because he barely gained his “handsome” body days before he transferred, there’s no way he could’ve met Daniel before he joined. Unless Jay is far more knowledgeable than we are. But, based on his behavior, I have my doubts.

Jay Lookism Personality

Despite not having actively engaged in a large number of battles, Jay has shown to be a highly skilled and lethal martial artist. Jay is trained in Systema and Kali Arnis, two separate martial systems. Systema is a Russian martial art that is taught to and used by special forces with the goal of killing or incapacitating enemies as rapidly as possible.in fact, Jay often has to put a motorcycle helmet on his opponents to make sure he can’t kill them. Kali Arnis is a Filipino martial art with a great emphasis on using weapons such as tonfas, staves, and karambits along with supplementary education in unarmed combat. With this martial art, Jay often demonstrates his skills utilizing BB guns but has also attacked utilizing burning steel pipes showing an ability to work with ad-hoc and makeshift weapons. 

Using these two martial arts in combination he was able to overwhelm Scott Kwon and Dominic Min, two very skilled fighters in their own right.

Get to Know About Vasco lookism

Vasco lookism

Lookism Characters

Vasco lookism is one of the best Lookism Characters.

Get to know more about Vasco from Lookism Manhwa, and Follow his adventure and fights by reading Lookism Manhwa.

Who is Vasco in Lookism?

Vasco, also known as Euntae Lee (Lee Eun Tae), is a supporting character in Lookism. He is the commander of the Burn Knuckles and a student at J High School’s architecture department.

Euntae is a very well-built man, having toned muscles and a strong physique. He has tattoos on some parts of his chest and on his arms, to cover up the vulgar tattoos bullies carved into him while in middle school. Vasco lookism has fair skin. He has a slender face and jet-black hair. He parts his fringe in the center. Vasco lookism has dark, almond eyes with thin eyebrows. He has facial hair above his lips and a thin tuft of facial hair on his chin.

 Vasco lookism

Is Vasco from Lookism Mexica ?

Vasco lookism

a rapper from South Korea Vasco works out in a gym in addition to following Goo’s training recommendations. Vasco adores Golden Retrievers in particular. When Daniel Park was caring for Inu, he was eager to see her and the pups, but he had no idea that Jay Hong was actually caring for them.

Who bullied Vasco Lookism ?

Vasco’s lone buddy when he was younger was Jace, who had a peculiar attitude. Jace became friends with the popular students in his class while he was in middle school. Vasco advises Jace to stay away from a prominent senior who asks them to smoke since they are losers. Vasco is bullied by the senior.


Even Jace admits that Euntae has a distinct personality as compared to others. Euntae, despite his frightening and ominous appearance, is a kind and harmless young man. He is passionately concerned about individuals who are mistreated in society and is willing to put his life on the line to protect them. Euntae thinks that everyone should be treated equally, and that respect should be earned based on one’s conduct rather than one’s appearance. Euntae is also a determined individual who is not scared to keep trying until he succeeds.

Vasco lookism